What does it mean to Go Ashore?

Hello world.
For the first time… again, I’m trying this blog thing out so please bear with me.

So let’s get started.

For those unfamiliar, whenever a US Navy Sailor walks onboard a ship, they ask for “Permission to come aboard.” Whenever they depart, they ask for “Permission to go ashore.”

My background:
Single mom (but slowly starting to dislike that term)
10 medium-charging years of Active Duty Navy experience. (If I was hard-charging, I’d probably have anchors by now)
Filipino (Yeah, bet you didn’t see that coming. This comes into play later, I promise.)
Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.
General Anxiety/Major Depressive disorder.
Major geek/nerd.
Lazy potential entrepreneur.
Severe Napoleon complex.

One of the main ideas of starting a blog is to niche down to the most specific possible audience. I feel like I’ve got a pretty good niche.

This blog is meant to capture my thoughts during my transition into civilian life.

My boot/DEP Recruit ass had a tumblr titled “Respectfully requesting permission to come aboard.”, it seemed only natural that I have a blog chronicling my adventures of going ashore.

I am not requesting permission this time.
After all these years of beating myself up about this decision, I am giving myself permission.

I am going ashore.

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