The Struggles of Working/Schooling at Home

As I sit here in a daze, I’m wondering where the last six weeks of my life have gone.

First I was having a rough transition out of the Navy and now it seems the whole world is having a rough time.
Which, if I’m being completely honest, is actually kind of awkwardly comforting that everyone is in the same anxious state as I am.

There was a viral Facebook post about it.

I would search for it but I’d get lost in all my tabs and memes.

Not gonna lie, I’ve been losing my absolute fucking mind the last few days.

I have like 30 tabs open, constantly sending tabs between my phone and my inexplicable three computers (Bought an old dual core Gateway from a refurbished computer shop to use as an HTPC, SCORE!)

On my desk I have dual monitors both busy, my laptop open, my phone for meme-ing (obviously) and my old phone (for what? who knows, but I’ve been actively using both phones)
My psychiatrist said he wants to explore the possibility of me having ADD.

On top of it all, I literally have ONE JOB right now and it’s to be a good student.

Yet, I’m sitting here making websites, designing merchandise, re-arranging the entire apartment, comparing car insurance quotes, trying to slay the Giant Debt Dragon, becoming a minister through the Universal Life Church?!

I have literally no idea what’s going on in my online class.
This is the exact reason I’ve avoided online classes for the last ten years.

I guess this is what I get for having a long, pent-up to-do list in my brain that I “never had time to do” because of being on sea duty.

I desperately need to sit in a classroom. Even if it’s just to stop yelling at my daughter.

The actual type of shit I’m searching for right now:

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