Seasons of Life

I recently started listening to The Military Veteran Dad Podcast, excited to find another military-parent resource out there.

There’s a specific episode that made an impression on me.

In Fatherhood Friday episode “What Season of Life Are You in?”, Ben Killoy talks about the different seasons of your life. Just as the weather seasons change, so do the circumstances in your life. There are decisions and goals that may be right for a certain period of time and completely wrong in another period.

If you know me in real life or even pay attention to my captions for my shitposting memes on Facebook, you know that I have a pretty eclectic set of goals. My background is in electricity/electronics but my passion lies in entrepreneurship.

That sounds okay, but to make things more complicated my interests include self-sufficiency and agriculture. At some point I’d like to be a volunteer firefighter but I currently work in private security. I’m also a huge, lifelong computer nerd and I want to get some IT certs just because I can.

I completed a certificate in Sustainable Agricultural Management through Archi’s Institute. But while I was in that program I also earned my ServSafe Food Management certification.

Which reminded me that I’ve always wanted to help my mom start a food business. I quickly found that not only do California veterans get a fee waiver for a business license, San Diego specifically waives the fees for a food business.

I immediately switched gears from writing a farm business plan to a food business plan.

As you may all very well know, plans and dreams don’t pay the bills so I currently work as a security guard.

I honestly took this job so I could earn some money for ad spend to become a successful affiliate marketer. Which I… never really did run ads for.

I took the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge and learned a TON about internet marketing. Knowledge that is now bouncing around my head aimlessly because I have such trouble getting started in anything.

I thought for a very short time that I wanted to be a life coach for transitioning service members. To help me figure out my marketing strategy I clicked on every single Facebook ad that had anything at all to do with the military or veterans so I could study them and get targeted with even more ads.

With all that targeting, an advertisement for Executive Security International flash across my screen.

I had no idea what Executive Protection was or even that it had any relation with me being a security guard but I dove full on into all the books and information I could find about the EP world and I’m (hoping) to go to ESI later this year.

Did I mention I started out my transition to civilian life as a scooter mechanic, going to school for graphic design?

Anyway, there’s actually a lot more of my Shiny Object Syndrome to talk about but maybe I’ll go more in depth later.

The point is that in Ben’s podcast he talks about how there are different seasons of your life and there are certain goals that are appropriate for that season.

Saying “no” right now doesn’t mean it’s a “no” forever.

In my case graphic design was a very short-lived season that I went through last year (Think “Firefly”.)

And maybe I’m not well enough equipped to start a farm right now. If I was, I’d have the confidence to write out a business plan and would have submitted it to the bank by now.

And maybe right now is the season for me to lean into this security thing because, other than the business classes I’ve taken, security is the thing that comes the easiest to me right now. Getting my guard card was fairly straightforward and I’ve got my firearms permit class scheduled for next month.

The conflict for me is the part where I really wanted my daughter to grow up on a farm and learn self-sufficiency.

I already set up the LLC for the farm, I’ve networked with the Farmer Veteran Coalition, and logically I know what the next steps are. I just can’t bring myself to do them because I’m so scared of the uncertainty.

It is currently January of 2021, I guess we’ll see where the chips fall come December 2021.

I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m sure enjoying the ride.

I feel like I go in circles most of the time but at least the circles are more like an upward spiral. There’s some semblance of structure, I promise.


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