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To Go Ashore


A mom-blog with
bro-vet tendencies

What? What is this? Where are the memes?
This website is like Scary Mommy meets Shit My LPO Says.

Honestly, I’m just a Millennial kid who has spilled my thoughts out onto the internet for over two decades. I can’t possibly clean up all of my digital dust so I’m presenting myself here as I am most authentically.

This is my personal blog about current events, especially those in the parenting, mental health, the Navy, and entrepreneurship. I’m also going to be posting guides to all sorts of things.

I’ve lived a pretty surreal life but in the end I just consider it all “Navy Normal”.

To Go Ashore is a catch-all brand about my past experiences as well as all the cool stuff I get to do now that I’m out of the military.

If I post recipes I promise not to make you scroll all the way down.

I've made tons of mistakes so you don't have to!

Learn from my experiences.
Including, but not limited to...

Mom Stuff

Being "Mom" is who I am at my core and drives all of what I do. That being said, I'm not perfect and I'll share both my successes and failures.

"Everything I learned about parenting is leadership and everything I've learned about leadership was wrong." ~Bob Chapman

Mental Health Stuff

I post about my mental health struggles. The aim is to provide more than resources, but to provide relatable experiences.

Transition Stuff

Once again, I don't want to be just another endless link farm.
I'm all about practical application of knowledge.

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