For No One

Hey everyone! Probably all zero readers of mine.
I know I disappeared for a little bit so let me give you an update on where I am with my military transition.

I am currently on terminal leave and working as a mechanic for a popular micro-mobility start-up (I’ll let you guys guess which one.)

I’ve been working on releasing a podcast for this blog. For those that know me, don’t worry, the irony of a selective mute releasing a podcast is not lost on me. I’ve got the first episode put together but since I have two other people on it, I want to make sure I have their permission before uploading it anywhere.

Anxiety being what it is, I emailed them the episode two weeks ago but haven’t followed up because I don’t want to feel like I’m bothering them. (Comment #relatable if you totally get it!)

I’m trying to get everything rolling as well as I can but it’s been a hard lesson learned that I now know when to ask for help. I am proud to say I just hired one of my former Chiefs as my life coach and he has been so supportive in my transition to the civilian world.
Avoidance is one of the huge markers of my depression/anxiety he is helping me work through it.

Many of you may feel like your mental illness symptoms will magically disappear once you leave the Navy but I can tell you from experience, all of mine are still here –albeit to a lesser degree.

For a little while my sleep issues went away but now they seem to be back with a vengeance. I should be working my mechanic job right now but I managed to wake up an hour too late… because I woke up three hours too early then fell back asleep and slept through my alarm.

So here I am, early on a Sunday morning, with a freakin’ sweet co-working space to myself, writing content for no one.

“So you’re LIMDU Part II” coming up shortly!

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