duffy bear

Duffy the Sea Bear

“Hey! Do you know about Duffy?”

“What’s a Duffy?”

Louise came to visit me a few years ago while I was stationed in Hawaii.

If you know Louise, you know she’s a pretty huge Disney fan so we obviously had to make a trip to Disney Aulani while she was there.

Whoops. Wrong Sea Bear.

She explained that Duffy is the official Disney bear and that he was wildly popular in Japan.

“That makes sense.”, I figured. Since we get so many Japanese tourists in Hawaii that our street signs’ secondary language was Japanese. Disney Aulani is a pretty popular tourist destination so they were loaded with Duffy merch.

A sign for the Sea Life Park on Oahu with a Japanese translation underneath.

As it turns out, the reason Louise was so excited to tell me about Duffy was because he is a sailor.

In this story, Mickey Mouse is a lonely sea captain who travels the world. Minnie Mouse makes him a teddy bear named Duffy to keep him company.

Reading these books became part of our homefront pre-underway checkoff list for a little while.
Duffy The Disney Bear; Mickey’s New Friend

Mickey and Duffy travel the world together and take pictures to send to Minnie back at home. There’s even a second book where Duffy gets a friend named Shellie May who stays with Minnie so he has someone to write letters to as well.

Disney [Tokyo Sea Sherry Mae Regular Stuffed Badge] TDS ShellieMay Plush Ball Chain Batch (Japan Import)

I immediately thought to myself “I NEED A DUFFY FOR DEPLOYMENT.”

The regular sized Duffy bears are pretty big and would’ve been kind of awkward to take to the bar during a port visit.

I ended up getting this cool little guy as a keychain to travel with me and Katherine got a keychain Shellie May to stay home with her.

Duffy chillin’ at Virginia Beach

Interestingly enough, I didn’t end up deploying again after I got Duffy. WHOMP WHOMP.

He has taken a few trips with us as a family, though. He even went to my friend’s wedding in Virginia in 2019.

Creepily enough, I had no idea Google Photos had been archiving literally every single picture I’ve taken for the last few years. I’ll update this post with more Duffy photos as they come up in Memories.

Duffy had a pretty busy 2019, apparently.
He’s actually pretty decent at networking events.
Lone Star is fine but Duffy says he prefers Longboard Lager

Not gonna lie, I have no idea where our Duffy or Shellie are right now. I wanna say we last saw him on our trip to Solvang when I failed spectacularly at my Spartan Beast.

I may be traveling for work next month so I’m hoping to find him soon.

I’ll be sure to make a whole Duffy Adventures album if I do.


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