About Vet Centers and How They Can Help You

Vet Centers:
Conveniently located in your community, Vet Centers help you and your family build meaningful connections and develop tools for achieving success in both your military and civilian lives.

* Counseling: Individual, group, couples, and family counseling.
* Referrals: Medical, benefit, employment, other VA and community resources.
* Community Engagement: Vet Centers help you connect with your community by working with local partners to enhance service offerings.
Core Benefits:
* Welcoming environment: The Vet Center community treats you like family.
* Community of support: Form social connections, try new things, and build a support system.
* Practical and therapeutic services: From talk therapy to recreational activities, the team works with you to identify your individual goals.
* Safe and confidential. Records cannot be accessed by other VA offices, the DoD, military units, or other community networks.
* Guided by professionals who get it. Most team members have also served, so they understand common Veteran and military experiences.
* No cost. No strings attached. Vet Center services are available to eligible individuals at no cost, regardless of discharge character, and without the need to be enrolled in VA health care or have a service-connected disability.


Did you know?
We are proud of the fact that 92 percent of Veterans and service members trust in Vet Centers for easy and effective access to care and for providing a positive emotional experience!

95 percent of established clients who use Vet Centers said their appointments were scheduled in a reasonable amount of time!


Want to Know More?
Call us confidentially, 24/7 at 1-877-927-8387
Visit us online at www.vetcenter.va.gov
Find a Vet Center at www.va.gov/find-locations/?facilityType=vet_center
Explore Vet Center eligibility at www.vetcenter.va.gov/Eligibility.asp


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