About VA’s Chapter 36 Vocational Counseling Services

The US Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) Service understands you are in the process of separating from the military. As such, the VR&E program may be able to assist you while you transition. The National Defense Authorization Act established VR&E eligibility and automatic entitlement for severely injured active duty individuals before a VA rating is issued (Public Law 110-181, Section 1631(b)).

Also, you are eligible for the program if you expect to receive an honorable discharge upon separation from active duty, obtain a VA disability memorandum rating of 20 percent, show entitlement based on establishment of the employment barrier resulting from a service-connected disability, and apply for VR&E services.

To find out more about VR&E, or to submit an Application for Veteran Readiness (VA Form 28-1900), please visit VR&E’s website


Thank you for your service – now let us serve you!

VR&E Service

25 Emails You Get From The VA During Separation

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